Chill Moody

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I really thought that my first show would be at my party on June 6. But when you have a lofty goal of seeing 50 shows in 365 days, you jump at the chance to see shows when opportunities arise. And that is how I got my first show under my belt.

There is a very cool project by us, the Reading Viaduct, turning underused land into a hip urban space, a la the High Line in New York. When we read about a fundraiser, we couldn’t not go. It was being held in a new restaurant, Brick and Mortar, in the neighborhood that we have been waiting to open since November. And though Gracie and I have met lots of neighbors in our daily walks, there were still new friends to meet. So, off Susan and I went.

During the event, there was a special guest, Chill Moody, who sang a set of songs. Boom! Sghow 1 done. Another goal this year is to figure out the difference between hip hop and rap, so I needed this show for research.

IMG_3680 IMG_3681

49 shows to go, 363 days left…


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