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When I realized early on that I had absolutely no musical talent whatsoever, I decided that since I couldn’t make music I was going to support the musicians who make it.  To me that translated into buying CDs, not downloading songs, and going to concerts.  I have had this rule for as long as I can remember   In fact, my first year out of college when I was making $10,500 annually, I still made sure that I bought two CDs every month.  It is my own little contribution to the artists in the world.

Imagine how excited I am, then to be able to see a show where my friend is playing.  I had that honor on Saturday of seeing my bad ass bass player, Chris C., play with her latest band PHonic at Fergies.  She too, has a deep love of music.  We see a lot of shows together, a lot.  In fact, we created and follow religiously, the “Joan Osborne Rule.”  The Joan Osborne Rule is pretty easy to understand- every time Joan comes to Philly, we see her. We have seen her in large venues, on small stages, acoustic and with bands and during a Phillies world series game. That should tell you a lot, Phillies are almost as big a love as music and I went to a show during a world series game, a world series game!

Anyway, I was lucky to catch one of Chris’ last shows before she and her husband Lew move to Colorado. I am hoping that I get to see a show with her in her new city before the year is up.

44 shows to go, 346 days left…



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