Parlour Tricks

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Post Warren Haynes and Railroad Earth, Love and Mercy (Brian Wilson biopic), celebrating #lovewins, watching our gals win another World Cup soccer match, Susan and I pull into Milk Boy for Parlour Tricks ( a schmooney to buuny kind of day). These guys are a fun pop band out of Brooklyn, “recipients of the Village Voice‘s award for Best Pop Band in New York 2014,  PARLOUR TRICKS (formerly Lily & The Parlour Tricks) has been hailed as “the perfect combo of pretty and gritty.”” And they were totally fun! We went because one of the members happens to be the son of our favorite wine storeowner, Greg Moore. The Moore family is not only renowned for their excellent wine store, Moore Brothers, but also for their musical talent, so this was not a mercy concert trip even a little bit. We thoroughly enjoyed them, drank some ice cold canned beer, bought their new album, and home by 11:00 pm. Awesome!

42 shows to go, 341 days left…



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