Warren Haynes and Railroad Earth

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Recently, I decided to check out XPN’s schedule. Susan and I had plans to see a band later that night (see Parlour Tricks), but the “XPN’s Free at Noon” concerts are just too hard to resist. It is one of these things in Philly that I think we take for granted. Every Friday, WXPN, our alternative public radio, sponsors, exactly what the name implies, a free noontime concert. It is usually an artist in town for a show that night or maybe someone just wanting to promote their newest album. The thing is that these are totally legit and well-known bands. I have seen a ton of good shows, including Adele, right before she became famous. The year I saw her she later went on to win “best new artist” Grammy. Before the Grammys, though, on a very cold day in January, I was listening to this new phenomenal talent. XPN also broadcasts it live, so there is usually a hard stop after 45 minutes. It is a perfect midday mini concert. Inevitably, a member of the band will ask if anyone works, because I, guess, it is kind of curious to see a roomful of folks at a free concert on a work day drinking beer.

So taking advantage of that rare Friday off, I checked out the schedule and saw that Warren Haynes and Railroad Earth were playing. I also saw that it was sold out, but decided to take a chance and see if I could get in. A lot of friends totally dig Warren Haynes, Allman Brothers, Government Mule, etc and I was curious to see if I would too and was worth checking him out.

Got there and, indeed, I was not on the list (shocking since I had not RSVP’d), but the volunteer was kind enough to let me in. It was great. Having some mild regrets for not trying hard enough to see the Dead for one of their Fare Thee Well shows, it totally hit the spot. Some good ole rock and roll with hints of jam band thrown in. As is usually the case, I would definitely pay to see a full show, which I think is exactly the goal of these XPN shows. 45 minutes later I was headed downtown to catch a matinee of the Brian Wilson flick “Love and Mercy” since I had tickets to a show coming up.

43 shows to go, 341 days left…


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