Ramble on Rex

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As it turns out, the Moore family is not the only musical family I happen to know. I also know the “too hard to keep track of how everyone is related” LeCompte clan and was invited to a “Ramble On Rex” party and concert on Saturday night. The original intent was to have an all day party with neighbors, but since it was torrential downpours, it was moved inside. These guys were great. Some family members, some neighbors, some folks just sitting in for the evening.

One thing I noticed about getting older is how people’s relationships with music change. When I was younger and friends were in bands, it was much more about making it. There were a lot of practicing, angst and general passion for getting signed. However, now I see that a lot of my friends who are still playing in bands are just doing it because they, simply, just love music and still want to create it. They are not it for fame and fortune, they are in for it exactly the right reason-for the love of the game.   And I totally prefer that and I will always make an effort to see a friend’s band play when they have those infrequent gigs.

41 shows to go, 340 days left…


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