The Donuts

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I told you it was a big week. Joan and Mavis, the Dead and Company and on Saturday, The Donuts.

On a very socially busy Saturday, Susan and I were able to tuck in upstairs at Fergies to catch a set of the Donuts show. There was a lot going on that night, but not enough for me to miss one of Jon Houlon’s “No 2 Unalike” shows with John Train and The Donuts. Let me explain as much as I can about this group of musicians. I think I first saw some of the musicians in John Train. The over the years, I have been to see some members in the following bands, Slo-Mo, Slo-Mo featuring Mic Wrecka, the Philadelphia Ukulele Orchestra, The Donuts, The Low Road and “Clone Justice,” where for one night only, they covered the entire Lone Justice album. And those are just the shows I saw. Not everyone is in all of the bands, but there is great overlap among them all. And every single band is quite unique. Additionally, the majority of these guys, and gals, have day jobs. So, if you know anything about me, you know I love when musicians play for the “love of the game.” And that is why when I learned that John was ending the year with a stand of 5 nights no two alike, I had to get there for at least one show.

We got there for exactly 2 songs before the break happened. These five dapper gentleman, you need to see them just for their matching velvet smoking jackets, were playing their hearts out on the stage as we entered.  They say their style is influenced by Mickey Newbury, and to a lesser degree, Jimmy Webb. I am not sure if I agree or not, mainly because I know neither of those musician’s music. What I do know is that they played an awesome version of Randy Newman’s, or possibly Aaron Neville, version of Louisiana 1927. I also know that I will go see any new band they put together or cover one album for one night. As much as I love Joan Osborne, the Dead and so many others, these are the guys I want to be when I grow up. See you at Fergie’s after the new year, gentlemen.

19 shows to go, 207 days left


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