Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins

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On a February Tuesday night, Susan and I caught the Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins Rabbit Fur Coat tour show. Man, that was a treat.

Jenny Lewis is a magnificent, and prolific, singer/ songwriter who started her career out as a child actress. She gave that up in 1998 and joined Rilo Kiley. Word is that the rest of the band wanted her to sing back-up and she refused to join until they agreed to let her sing lead. Smart fellas. That is I how I first learned of her music.  Then this past January, I heard she was touring in support of the 10th anniversary of the Rabbit Fur Coat album with The Watson Twins. That, and it being held at our local music hall, Union Transfer, was a win- win.IMG_5881

I love a show where the artists really take time to plan the event with costume changes, cool background scenery and overall care with their production. This was that kind of show, though the background scenery was a little creepy (more on that later). The Watson Twins came out in all their glory and the teal blue dresses from the alum cover photo. I am not quite sure I have ever seen identical twins in a band before. They were completely in sync and played and danced in perfect harmony. When one needed a seat, the other brought it over. When one swayed right, the other swayed left. It was like seeing the best back-up singer ever, but there were two people. You know, like twins.


The Watson Twins

They played the album in its entirety and in order. It was both rocking and heartbreaking. Jenny Lewis singing Rabbit Fur Coat was mesmerizing. Through it all, there were costume changes, cowboy outfits with sequins, go go boots and sequin shift dresses. An awesome Traveling Wilburys song cover ending in The Watson Twin harmonies. When they finished the album and the music stopped, I was deeply, deeply satisfied. The lights came on and just as we were putting our coats back on, a young man walked across the stage with a sign with one magical word, “Intermission.” Wait, what? There’s more? Yippee. Shrugged the coat off, got another beer and settled back in.

The second half was all Jenny Lewis. A different outfit and she started out by saying, “ Great, now I can talk. It would be just be too creepy anything I said in front of the hallway (backdrop).” I concur and I thank you for not igniting my flashback nightmares from “The Shining.” She rocked and rolled, sang heart-breaking songs and introduced her awesome band.   I am not sure if this was the bonus show or the rabbit fur coat set was the stolen set.   All I know is that we caught two awesome shows at Union Transfer the other night and for that I am grateful.

15 shows to go, 121 days left…