Why 50 shows?

I’m Sheila. I love live music, road trips, and fresh beer. I hate ticket fees

There has never been a time when music was not part of the fabric of my life.

My first 45 was “last night I didn’t get to sleep at all.”  I remember one family pizza dinner when the Monster Mash was the only thing playing on the jukebox. I begged my parents to allow me to buy a stereo with my bat mitzvah money. My first show was Bruce Springsteen, in 1980, The River Tour. I spent hours discussing the world’s problems and how were were going to fix it to a Joni Mitchell soundtrack. I spent the majority of my last semester of college following the Dead. And I still credit Jackson Browne with helping me earn my master’s degree.  For eight months, I woke up early in the morning and wrote my thesis to Jackson Browne. To this day, he is only music I can listen to while writing.

I have seen a lot of shows through the years, made a lot of mixed tapes, and then cds, and always dreamed of one day being a roadie.  So it became pretty clear after I started thinking about how to celebrate my mid-century, music would have to be a part of it.

So, I will embark on my own rock and roll tour for the next year here in Philly.  I am committed to seeing 50 shows in the next 365 days.  There are some rules that still need to be figured out, like will a three day music festival count for three shows?  Or will it count for as many bands I saw play during those three days?  Does a Broadway musical count?  I would think yes, but only if it is a musical or has live music.

I’m excited.  It should be fun.  It should definitely be exhausting, but exhilarating.  I pledge to not only see the shows but chat about them afterwards.  Or, at the very least, let you know where it was, who I went with and did I have a good time.  And I will probably write all of the posts to Jackson Browne too….


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